Unique gift ideas for people turning 21 or 50

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Birthdays are the most memorable days in a person’s life, no matter what. Each of us expect good wishes from the well wishers around us, and also gifts from the near and dear ones. All birthdays are special; however, the most special is I guess the 21st birthday and the 50th birthday. If any of your near and dear one is celebrating his 21st birthday, make it very special for him by giving him the 21st birthday presents that he will treasure for a life time. Here are some unique 21st birthday presents for you to consider :

21st birthday is that transition day when one stage of life ends to give way to the next stage. The person having his 21st birthday no longer remains a child, as he transform into an adult overnight. And the 21st birthday presents that he receives on that special day of his life becomes really special and memorable. Therefore, you must take great care in selecting the 21st birthday presents, keeping in mind the choice of the person concerned. There are several 21st birthday presents are available, however, to make it unique in its own way, you can personalize the gifts with his name and a beautiful and touching message.

For example, being an adult is a thrill in itself, so why not gift your friend Champaign? Usually the boys celebrate their adulthood by drinking the night away and partying hard. A bottle of alcohol might be just the right kind of gift for him as a 21st birthday presents. Again, for the girls, it is well known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And who would want to lay her hands to the diamond jewellery, especially if it comes as a 21st birthday presents.

Boys can receive bracelets, watches and rings as jewellery as 21st birthday presents. Also boys are usually sports freak. So any kind of sports item like skateboard, racquets, and adventure sports equipments can be great as 21st birthday presents. For girls, books, music players, cosmetics, dresses, bags etc would surely be appreciated as 21st birthday presents.

Keeping in mind the young generation, we certainly cannot overlook the slightly older generation. Talking about birthdays, when a person turns fifty, it would be great to showcase the highlights of the past years of one’s life. A great 50th birthday present can be an assorted scrapbook with the memorable photographs and moments mentioned in writing. Another 50th birthday present can just be the collage of quite a few photos, laminated big enough to put up on the walls of the home of the concerned person. Also some relaxing equipments can serve as a great 50th birthday present. For instance, an outing with his loved ones for a day, a day in the spa, a full body massage, a golf experience, and a vacation for a few days can be wonderful as the 50th birthday present.

Everyone loves to get gifts, and so 50th birthday present and 21st birthday presents should ideally be chosen with a lot of love and care to make them feel very special.

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Unique gift ideas for people turning 21 or 50

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Unique gift ideas for people turning 21 or 50

This article was published on 2011/04/25