The Perfect Birthday Card

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It's my mother's 50th birthday and she is feeling a little lonely and depressed. She is harboring some sad and depressing thoughts since she is already getting old and she is afraid to wake up one day that all of us have left her. Of course, on our part, we would never leave the person who has devoted her entire life for us. Without her, we would not achieve everything that we have achieved and we would be non-existent in this world. She is the reason why we are here and there is really no way that we will leave her either alone or in a home for the aged.

But no matter how many times we are telling these things to my mother, she would never dismiss the thought. She believes that time would come that she would be irrelevant to each and everyone of us. She is trying to condition her mind that one day she would wake up that all of us have abandoned her and sadly even we would leave her in despair. Her ill thoughts on old age have always been challenging us. Every year, during her birthday and other special occasions in our lives, we would always do something remarkable so that she will feel loved and special. We would always dedicate things for her or at least spare a day or two to spend some quality time with her. Admittedly, her birthday is becoming one of my favorite annual occasions. This is the day that we get to gather again as one family just like the old days.

But, I never thought that her 50th year would be very different. All along we thought that we are the one who would be surprising her with the party and all, but then again, we are caught unprepared. Indeed, mother is still the best person when it comes to showing genuine affection and love. The party is not that special, really. It is just the same kind of gathering that we are setting every year, what made this one special is the effort that mom poured out in order for us to feel loved and blessed. After the party, after all her guests have left and everything in the house has been restored to order, she handed us some envelopes.

Admittedly, I thought it was money envelopes and I politely returned it to her (which she refused, of course). When I opened it, I was surprised to find out that it was a handmade birthday card. For a change, she told us that the birthday celebrator could also give the precious gem in her life a birthday card. We were so moved with the idea that she personalized make each one of us a birthday card even though it is really not our birthday. But what made us cry really is how the card is made with our personality in it. It's as if, our mother did the card with the thoughts of us and all our good times lingering through her mind. Every little detail says something about our personality and reminds us of our humble beginnings.

When we started to read the message, we all cried like how we used to cry when we were little kids. The message is so moving that it clearly expressed the love and appreciation that our mother has for us. She told us that she asked our sons and daughters to make the card with her, since she is already all ridden with some infirmities.

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The Perfect Birthday Card

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This article was published on 2010/09/26