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Therefore when my daughter clocked a decade, I really had very lofty intentions for her birthday and I had made up my mind that nothing was going to stop me from achieving that aim and giving Rose the best treat and birthday celebration in her event-filled ten years on earth. To start with, I asked her to select a birthday dress of her choice and not surprisingly, she went for a Nicole silk gown!

Once I heard this, Rose and I decided to go for birthday shopping by the weekend in our local departmental store. Rose was just too excited that she was counting the days. She was always on my neck reminding me of our impending shopping for her birthday telling mummy never to forget. Children can be so funny, how on earth can I forget the birthday plans for my own daughter? Anyway, that is Rose, always very amusing and humorous. She would come to my room and persistently elaborate on her birthday plans and her tiny little Nicole silk gown complete with a Nicole Eyeshadow. In her childish fantasy mind, I could picture the level of expectation and hope that this little girl had in her mother. All these made me to increase my level of determination to satisfy my child and make her birthday an unforgettable one.

Not too long after, the weekend came and as I expected the first person in my room that morning was the birthday girl, gaily-dressed and shopping-ready. I burst into laughter as she hurried me up. I prepared our light breakfast and went to the local departmental store. On the way, Rose met lots of her friends who were wishing her a happy birthday in advance. Rose obviously enjoyed the scene as she waved back to her friends. At the store, she was the first to spot the pink, Nicole silk gown and went straight for it. The dress was just her size and it was really beautiful, meeting all the requirements Rose always wanted in a dress. After picking up the gown, we had to shop for other Nicole Miller items needed for the birthday party.

Then came the great day we had all been waiting for- Roses birthday! Rose and her battalions of friends really made a very wonderful show of the event. I could see my daughter from the corner of my eyes as she kept basking in the euphoria of her new Nicole silk gown and Nicole Miller Eyeshadow. She would later tell me after the birthday party that apart from the tremendous accolades she received from her friends, they all had something nice to say about her birthday dress. You are the best mum; she would say and blow me a kiss!
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Nicole Silk Gown

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This article was published on 2010/12/10