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Your loved one's Birthday is fast approaching. And you're running out of party ideas? Why not try a birthday picnic for a change.

Birthday picnics are most enjoyable (and possible) of course, during summer months. If you happen to have a loved one who celebrates his birthday during this time of the year, take advantage of the warm weather and cool breeze of the outdoors.

Be on look out on longer holidays or weekends when's the perfect time to hold a birthday picnic. And because of the extended days, there's no need to rush. You can enjoy more with minimal stress.
How do you hold a birthday picnic by the way?

A birthday picnic doesn't necessarily mean "partying". It doesn't have to be anything grand or loud. A birthday picnic can be a fun, private, and a simple celebration if you choose so. It's simply a picnic in celebration of somebody's birthday.

Another great thing is that it doesn't have to be all expensive either. If you want to stick to a budget, you are completely in control. There are a lot of ways to cut cost without cutting down fun. For example, because a birthday picnic in itself is special, you don't have to invite a lot if you don't want to. Limiting down the number of people means lesser expenses too. Also, to further cut down cost, you can hold birthday picnics on your own backyard - that means no expense on gas and saves you commuting time too.

Note however, that a birthday picnic may require some toil on your part - in preparing one to be exact. Well, technically, you're going to a picnic so you're preparing for one. Go down to the picnic basics.
Decide on the venue. Where do you want to hold your birthday picnic? Classic picnic places are perfect; perhaps on some blissful place - by the lake, or at the park, or on the countryside.

Decide what activities you'll do. If you're droving off some time, naturally expect the picnic to last through out the day. And you're not going to eat out the whole day of course. You need to do something fun - your favorite sports or hobby perhaps - mountain climbing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, etc.

Decide what food to bring. Classic picnic foods are salads, sandwiches, snacks, etc. They're fine really, but since it's a birthday celebration too, you can go over the rule and bring your favorite ones. For example, buy your favorite pizza along the way or bring a birthday cake.

Decide the things you will bring for the picnic. This will largely depend on you activities for the day, the amount of food you're bringing, and the number of people you'll have. List them down so you don't forget anything when packing.

Since it's a birthday picnic, get your creative juices flowing. You can give away invitations, put on some decorations, and add some parlor games. Celebrating birthday outdoors on a picnic is definitely not an ordinary party.

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Birthday Picnic

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This article was published on 2010/03/31