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Birthday Party Thank You notes are often neglected, probably because they are thought of as a chore. But they can be fun if you give your child small cards - only a few words are necessary - and a selection of colorful stickers to use to decorate them. Choosing just the right sticker for each friend, or combining them to make a picture is a great activity for your child and will teach them a valuable social skill at the same time. If your child is too young, write the message for them.

Send your Birthday Party Thank-you note as quickly as possible. At the most, don't wait longer than a week after the party.

A hand-written note on stationary paper gives a nice personal touch that is always appreciated. It's not only considered proper etiquette, but a classy way to show your appreciation for attendance at your party or for a gift received.

Someone put a lot of thought and energy into choosing the right gift for the birthday boy or girl. Let the giver know how much their gift was really enjoyed. Always refer to the gift, such as "Thank you so much for the blue beach ball."

Send it via snail mail (the old fashioned way).

Thank-you Note samples:

Dear Hayley,

Thank-you for coming to my birthday party - you made the day that much more special.
Thanks so much for the awesome jigsaw puzzle!

Dear Daniel,
Just wanted to Thank You for helping me celebrate my birthday last week.
I love the car book! It's fabulous and I'm already enjoying reading it!

Tip: If you received a gift that is not exactly to your taste, you should still show appreciation for the thought that went into selecting it for you. You can always say...

Dear Tyler,
"Thank you for the bucket and spade.
I will always think of you whenever I use it."

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Birthday Party Thank You Notes

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