5 Fun And Memorable 60th Birthday Ideas For Men

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Original, entertaining, and interesting 60th birthday gift ideas for that special man in your life include: throwing a cook-out at his home, buying tickets to a special sporting event, adding something to his hobby or collection, or a special music CD.

Celebrating a 60th birthday marks another important stage in a person's life. This is usually the age of retirement and the time to relax, do other things than work, enjoy hobbies more, and just stay close to home. These 60th birthday ideas will be especially appreciated by a more mature demographic.

Arrange a BBQ bash at his home

If you have a man who loves to grill, why not throw him a barbecue party that is sure to be remembered for years to come? To make it truly memorable and special, invite a number of close friends who can bring both gifts and food to cook. You might want to make his sixtieth birthday even more memorable by adding some drinks and/or playing some music that might have been popular in his youth.

Treat him with a surprise gift of tickets to watch his favorite team

Also, surprising your favorite sixty-year-old with tickets to a game or sporting event is a terrific gift.

You can add another item to his growing collection

Learn what kind of collection the celebrant has and find a unique addition. Present him with a set of coins in a special frame, if he collects them. If he is a fan, surprise him by buying an item of sports memorabilia he has always wanted. You must be certain what are his requirements when you are presenting him some special gifts on the special occasion of his birthday and never commit the mistake of presenting him the item which he possesses already.

Purchase a gift that can be used for something he enjoys doing

Understand his interests and present him with something that he would love a lot. Learn about his hobbies and grab something special for him like a fishing rod, a tent, a garden kit, a set of woodworking tools, a cooking set with a cookbook, or a collection of music or movie CDs.

With an audio CD keepsake you can get sentimental

One 60th birthday idea is to make an audio keepsake, with a recorded message from loved ones making their own celebratory greetings. Family and friends call a toll-free number and say their greetings which then get recorded for his very special day and ready for anytime he wants. Nothing is more sentimental and unforgettable than this very special birthday keepsake.

It doesn't need to be complicated to make the man in your life feel surprised and special. When planning a 60th birthday celebration, be sure to consider the person's desires, especially favorite destinations and interests.

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5 Fun And Memorable 60th Birthday Ideas For Men

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This article was published on 2010/11/24